Add A Sprinkle Of Home To Every Meal

Dad’s Secret Recipe

Dad was our family’s chef.  When I was a child, he introduced me to the kitchen, where we baked and cooked together.  Like many families, our kitchen provided warmth, sustenance, and central to our home.  During these years, my father attended cooking school and worked as a chef in an Italian restaurant.  This era provided his inspiration, and he began experimenting with his own signature seasoning mixes when I was around 10 years old.  Dad mixing pungent seasonings in the world’s largest stainless bowl will forever be etched in my mind.  Once he perfected the recipe, he began sharing it with local restaurants, family, and friends.  After 40 years of mixing and sharing his secret seasoning, Dad is ready to hand off the family seasoning baton so that I can continue to share and introduce others to his secret seasoning. I am honored to keep the family tradition alive. 

My dad, Dave Brown, is also a professional jazz musician.

Here we are, my dad and I, performing music in 1987. Music is also a family tradition.

The Tradition Continues

Dave and I skiing near Rico, CO

Founder, Michelle Haynes on Telescope Mountain with bees!

My dad’s seasoning has bridged the many decades of my life. Now that I am carrying on the recipe and traditions Dad started, I’ve decided to rebrand his custom mix as “Homestake Seasonings.  The inspiration for this name comes from a beautiful patented mining claim that my husband, Dave and I own near Rico, Colorado.  Renaming Dad’s seasoning is a way to welcome it into the future and pay the legacy forward.

Dave and I love to use food as a reason to gather with friends.  We host canning parties, source local meat, and routinely gather with friends around our wood-fired pizza oven.  Dinners with our 4 children grant a reprieve from our busy lives and give us the opportunity to remember what is important.  Sharing food is central to our home, friends and community.  

We hope you enjoy this seasoning as much as we do. Our wish is that you, too, can share in a sense of family, place, and community with Homestake Seasonings!

Support Local Food

Homestake Seasonings is committed to supporting local farms and farmers in the region.  A portion of sales will be granted to local farms and farmers who are growing and raising food resources that directly support our region’s food economy.  It’s our way of saying, “Thank you!” to our unsung and vitally important local heroes – our farmers.